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Sites written in English

Information of Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll Links for Study and Entertainment
Overall information about Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll: An Overview
Literary, biographically and historically critique about Lewis Carroll.
Contrariwise the Lewis Carroll Myth


Jabberwocky Variations
Variations of Jabberwocky, including translation (into 26 languages), parodies, etc.


Lewis Carroll Scrapbook
Photocopy of Lewis Caroll's own scrapbook (in the site of Library of Congress, U.S.)
Lewis Carroll (1832-1898): Alice's Adventures Under Ground
A page in the British Library. Images of manuscript are provided. You can read the original manuscript in full text. The whole story is also audible on the web.
Alice's Adventures Under Ground
E-text of Alice's Adventures Under ground
Complete Works of Lewis Carroll

On-line visual archives

Alice in Wonderland (1903) - Lewis Carroll | BFI National Archive
A channel by British Film Institute in YouTube. Restorerd film of Alice in Wonderland (1903) can be watched.

On-line Shop

The Original Alice in Wonderland Shop
The site of "Alice's Shop", which Tenniel drew in Chapter 6 in Through the Liiking-Glass, now a souvenir shop. On-line shop is available.

Japanese Sites (Written in Japanese)

Guides to know Lewis Carroll

Underground Residents
Studies about Lewis Carroll, including guide to Christ Church, characters in Alice and Snark.

On-line achives of Alice books

National Diet Library: Modern Deigital Image Library
Digital Library site of National Diet Library. The earliest translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland can be read.
Okayama Prefectural Library
Kabaya's booklet of re-told stories of Alice in wonderland is available.

On-line translation of Lewis Carroll's works

Alice's Adventures Under Ground
Translation by Yu Okubo
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Translation by Hiroo Yamagata.
Through the Looking-Glass
Translation by Hiroo Yamagata.
Through the Looking-Glass, with Wasp in a Wig
Translation by Hiroo Yamagata.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Translation by Shosei Onishi.
Translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Hajime Tsunashi.
Blog in wchich Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is translated.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland: Dream-Play
Translation of Operetta: Alice in Wonderland (1886) by Yu Okubo.
Welcome to Wonderland
Translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Yutaka Hoshino (in progress)
Alice's Adventured in Wonderland
Translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (in preogress)
Shoshi: Honyaku Shichi-ri-no-Boots (Bookshop: Seven-mile-long boots of translation)
A site with on-line translation, including Sylbie and Bruno Concluded.

Studies in early translation of Alice books in Japan

Meiji no Lewis Carroll (Lewis Carroll in Meiji era)
Articles on early translation of Alice books by Professor Michiaki Kawato (Chuo Univ.)

Various sites on Lewis Carroll

Carroll to 42 no Sekai (Lewis Carroll and 42)
The site on 42, Carroll's favourite number.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderouser Land than Wonderland
A site on Alice with many aspects.
Hugo Strikes Back!
A blog on illustrators of Alice other than Tenniel.
tomokilog -- Utada Hikaru Madagascar: Alice in Wonderland
Blog in which translations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland are compared.


Gogatsu Usagi-no Heya (May Hare's Room)
Includes a parody of Alice in No play.


Alice no Eigo (English in Alice Books)
Includes on-line texts of Alice books are available.

On-line shop

Gutenberg 21
A vendor of e-texts. alice's Adventures in Wonderland and through the Looking-Glass (translated by Kozo Tada) are available.

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